About us

We are Suzana and Damjan Štembergar. We can show you the tools to make your life better: with our energy and knowledge. Meet us!

Suzana Stembergar, born Mahne,

Atlantean Energy Therapist, Heal Your Life Teacher and Seminar Leader based on the philosophy of Louise Hay and counsellor for a healthy life.

I am eternal resercher of love in every thing, in every situation. My talent of listening and counselling, empathy to the people and calmness have brought me to my own company. It all happened at a perfect time, as all does in life.

I graduated on the quality of leisure time in psychology and did my master’s degree in the subject of ethics on freedom of person. I started my career in a company that deals with wellness and I have worked with business partners from all over the world.​​ I gained many experiences in the well-being field. I have been researching, reading world known authors from the spiritual filed, attending courses and seminars on the topic of health quality and spirituality. My path is continuation of long-standing desire to help people who want this assistance and are willing to work on themselves. For many years my friends and family have been encouraging me to use my clairvoyance, intuition, knowledge and life experiences to help people. I am lifetime researcher and eternal love finder. I have a gift of listening and counseling to other people to help them achieve their dreams.


I collaborate with teachers in England and Ireland and we all together try to make the world a more pleasant place by informing people about how they can change their lives for the better. How to overcome major obstacles on their path, how to overcome fear and how to regain their strength.


I write books, novels, songs. Together with my husband Damjan Štembergar, bioenergist, we offer holistic health services which fill you with energy, remove blockages and cut ties to the negative people and things, and also Heal Your Life workshops based on the philosophy of Louise Hay. We try to teach you how to help yourself and when to seek help. Being truly powerful means to ask for help when you need it.


I myself have experienced it on my skin, when I became very ill 4 years ago and most specialists have seen the end of my life. After severe pains and battles one day I decided that I wanted to live and I’ll do everything it takes. The path was severe, full of falls, I went very slowly, but it was worth every step. The people who could not understand went away and new who wanted to help entered. It was a proof, that you must let something go, in order to let something new in.

Today, I am proud mommy of a daughter and proud woman who decided to listen to her heart. I know that love is a strong medicine, so I use it also in my treatment methods. Love always says, let it go, relax. I often say that I was born again and celebrate my birthday on 5.1 each year. On that day I got a proof that miracles do exist. Being here and now is a great miracle.

We have to realize that we are wonderful, beautiful and unique just the way we are. Battles of the worst kind can be the springboard for something new, nice, and excellent.

Damjan Štembergar,

bioenergetics, energy treatments, energy cleanings, radiestezy

Bioenergy, feel your energy, feel your true power.

I am  Damjan Stembergar, bioenergetics, radiestezist, past life regression therapist and hypnotherapist. My beginnings go back years ago when I laid my hands on my wife’s (then girlfriend’s) sore back and she felt warmth and pain relief.

Research spirit did not leave me alone and led me to dr. Drago Smiljanić, who showed me the way to bioenergy. Since then, my life path is to help people, gain new knowledge and open my horizons. I am happy to take time for you. The healing can be done longdistance. You just have to write me or call me and we will arrange the appointment and connect and do the healing. Furthermore, I do energy cleaning of blockages in your body and I clean your living or working space. It can all be done from a distance. People report how their lives dramatically changed after the energy cleaning treatment and how they were finally able to move on. I enjoy seeing changes in people’s lives after the treatments. I always look at a person as a whole: I do the treatments and also give practical advices how to make one’s life better (eating, drinking, supplements, exercises…) Magical healings appear when the person is ready.