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If you feel the fear, unsecurity and you worry every day- we are the right people to contact us.


I have a gift of listening and counseling to other people to help them live a better life.We talk in a peaceful and trustfull enviroinment or via Skype. We arrange the date and time in advance. Talking to someone  is often half of the problem solved. Counselling is possible in person or via Skype.

For those who prefer a personal session with Suzana, based on intuitive spiritual coaching. It is possible via Skype as well. Individual counseling sessions covering different areas. Sometimes we blossom in our career, but we’re doing it all wrong at home, or we are sick because we do not know how to get rid of certain patterns of behavior. Perhaps you just need a good listener, which you can 100% trust with your problems. I too found that the biggest thing sometimes is to admit that we need help, to find it, do the work that needs to be done and to move on. I studied in this field from various foreign authors, and received a certificate by Deborah King.  

Suzana Stembergar on Slovenian National Tv, talking about good health, balance in life and positive way of living our lives. She is also sharing her story how she helped herself from illness to bringing her life to a different quality via seriuos illness. We are what we think, so it is very important, what we think during our days. How we live our lifes is defined by our daily activities and thoughts.